1949 - The Hidden City
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1949 - Jin Bao Jie
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gong ti bei lu,
chao yang district
(behind pacific century place) 100027

邮编 100027

t 86 10 6501 1949
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Changing Gears

In 1949, what would eventually become the Beijing Machinery and Electric Institute opened a factory and research facility in the industrial suburb of Sanlitun.

In 2008, Elite Concepts retooled the factory on Beijing's east side into the party suburb's hippest industrial chic dining and entertainment venue.

Welcome to 1949 - The Hidden City

Nestled between skyscrapers, 1949 is hidden for max charm - 6,000 square meters of neo-industrial chic walled privacy in the heart of Beijing's party district - a city within the City..

Restaurants, bars, gardens, events spaces, art gallery, and private member's club take the concept of the commune to a new level of get-down harmony.

Seating over 500 in various dining environments and venues, 1949 starts the day late-morning and meanders towards a faster-paced evening dining and hang-out scene.  Always chic, unexpected... always happening.


公元1949年, 北京机电院高技术股份有限公司的前身 北京工业学校, 在市区东部的三里屯工业区成立了一家以研究机械设备为主的工厂。

公元2008年, 优意集团将此处成功改建成为北京三里屯地区最具特色的餐饮休闲场所。


欢迎来到1949 The Hidden City

镶嵌于高级写字楼宇间, 1949带给您最具魅力的隐秘 6,000平方米新派庭院式餐饮场所落户于北京休闲娱乐区域的最核心位置 城市中的城市。


500余个座位被安置于多样化的就餐环境内, 每日临近午时起直至深夜, 1949以其特有的节奏为您提供午晚餐的非凡享受。别致, 意料之外随时发生。